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Time & Attendance Solution


Companies and business establishments are striving hard in today’s business world with enormous competition. Employees are the heart for any organization and their input to the company depends on the number of man hours they perform the duties. With the increasing operational development and traditional data entry methods not holding good any more, a demand for automated Time & Attendance Solution need arose and more and more companies looking in that front and new innovative Systems need to be developed. It is also true that Time is a non renewable resource and is more precious than money. Thus, in order to properly manage Employee in out time along with other overtime, flexi time related enhancements; a system has to be developed to handle these functionalities.

Many companies posed their needs in a detailed way with the following specifications as follows:


  • Requested a WINDOWS based, Self Service solution to help for better employee details handling.
  • Perfect Time Recorders or Clock Card Management System requested.
  • Easy way to handle flexi time and shift operations of employees.
  • Needed a system to automatically capture and transfer Attendance data to Payroll system.
  • A way to tackle and handle all Employee leave situations.
  • Based on Number of employees work hours the corresponding Salary to be updated.
  • Needed a system that would be effective and at the same time innovative to deal efficiently with listings of Employees Overtime.
  • A way to handle Absenteeism of Employees effectively.
  • To obtain a unique way to handle Employee Shift duties.
  • A system that could handle a minimum 10 employees to even 1000’s of employees.
  • Overtime Pay rates should be manually handled.
  • To cater to employee study leaves and Sick leaves.
  • 16 different Pay times to be handled with ease.
  • Perfect integration needed with other business functions, HR systems and Payroll system.
  • Accurate and standard reports requested.
  • Finally a highly Secured Solution that ensures Perfect Automation requested


After deep Analysis of requirements, a detailed System Requirement Specification was designed and an Integrated Comprehensive and Viable Solution developed. This system has also been so well designed to handle today’s flexible working practices of employees such as flexi time and helps to reduce overall maintenance costs. The employee can also easily use it in a self service manner which is highly affordable. The administrative work load is greatly reduced. Company’s productivity is directly related to attendance, absenteeism, thereby using this solution improves any company’s productivity. It also has been so well designed and has been aptly called a Durable Asset by many using it. It also helps track all the services, employee overtime reports, flexi time schedules, work time updated in Payroll operations all being performed with total perfection.

An automated Time & Attendance Management Solution designed has the following Specifications:

  • A highly Efficient System to control all operations and Employee data functionalities with unique Password protection designed.
  • Perfect Time Recorders with clock card management system developed.
  • Easy way to handle Flexi time and Shift operations of employees
    A separate schedule for Study leave & sick leave maintenance has been developed.
  • A secured way wherein Hours worked by employees is automatically updated to Payroll system.
  • As per the requirement Overtime Payment Details entry provided that can be maintained with numerous options with perfection.
  • Automatic detection of Shift changing from one shift to another.
  • All Employee Leaves data handled efficiently.
  • Rounding of In and Out Time and different pay times handling facilitated.
  • Perfect Integration ensured with Business, HR and other operations.
  • The system provides in a new way all Employee reports data in the form of charts in a colored manner.
  • Reports are highly informative and can be easily understood by one and all


  • Improves the overall employee performance and organizations efficiency
  • Reduces labour and administration costs
  • Highly customizable solution to best fit your work conditions and most suitable for variable business patterns
  • Total elimination of human error
  • Increasing punctuality of Employees with Reduced Absenteeism observed
  • Excellent scalability to meet the requirements of Employee Data handling
  • Ideal data protection functions to best prove the functionalities
  • Increased Employee Response due to Ease of Connectivity
  • Improved Work Output due to enhanced mechanisms
  • Quicker Handling of Employees data especially Overtime, Personal leaves, work offs and more
  • Less Operator Costs for regular maintenance
  • Cheap and most useful to improve overall Employee Attendance
  • Perfect Automation proved Employee Convenience and ease of Payroll handling Solution also provides ability to handle all future challenges with ease


Overall the Solution is less expensive, easier and facilitates faster access to employee time and attendance management and provides secured environment for Employee Payroll Maintenance. All the sources using the solution have expressed their extreme satisfaction as the solution proved to be giving good results as it also covers every aspect of the requirements posed. This Smart Time Management software has also proved to be a valuable tool in business process and employee access management schedules.

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